Chevron Beaded Shirt

July 30, 2014



Put some cool in your back-to-school clothes with this beaded pocket shirt we created with Old Navy. A sharp chevron accent works in any combo of colors and is a look that works for all ages; so create a family emblem or mix & match to show off your personal style…either way, this DIY is sure to get you an A+.

To create: Outline the pocket of the shirt with paper tape. Tape off a third of the pocket into a v-shape to create a chevron design. Place a piece of wax paper inside the pocket to prevent the glue from seeping through. Use a paint brush to coat the area with a thick layer of fabric mod podge. Sprinkle seed beads across the glued area. Let dry for a few minutes, then coat the entire area with a thin layer of mod podge. Let dry completely. Repeat steps until the entire pocket is beaded. P.S. – avoid the pocket when hand washing and ironing the shirt; we recommend waiting 72 hrs before washing and not to use a heavy detergent.

P.S. – we’re excited to again team up with Old Navy for some back-to-school DIY. Five mommy bloggers have been challenged to show us how they customize their Old Navy basics with a few of our favorite materials. Stay tuned to see how Cakies,  Ivory Lane, Design MomRamshackle Glam and Lady & Prince personalize their back-to-school pieces.


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