Chevron Earrings

May 7, 2010


CHEVRON: ˈsh evrən. Noun. A line or stripe in the shape of a V or an inverted V.  Use this translation and interpret you own chic representation and prepare for Craft-off! The chevron pattern became popularized by adorning sleeves of uniforms indicating rank or length of service, but more recently have taken over the Fashion and Interior worlds with the bold markings. Givenchy’s Spring Collection is ALL about the Chevron in B/W hues, where as bright dressers were spotted on Design*Sponge, and cool ‘n casual tanks from Club Monaco keep us feelin’ flirty!

Pick up some retro Barbershop-inspired paper straws. Glue together was a few dabs of hot glue to make your chevron pattern.  Trim straws to desired length and shape, glue together (feel free to trim again), and poke a little hole in the top where your earring wire can slide through.

P.S.- Show off your Chevron & your true colors ‘cuz you are J’amazing!

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