Chunky Yarn Cuff

November 30, 2011


Tiz’ the season for DIY and who says only trees are for decorating!?  Keep calm and get your craft on with a bold accessory that boasts this season’s chunky knit trend. Make a statement with a sweet and soft style essential that’s perfect to cozy up to.

To create:  Make a bracelet base using armature wire, which is extremely easy to form.  Find a cylinder-shaped item that fits your wrist- jars work great.  Continue to wrap around until you achieve the desired width.  Use wire cutters to snip the end.  Wrap Martha Stewart Crafts Lion Brand Mambo Yarn (P.S.- it’s available in several other colors including hot pink!).  Slide under one coil, and wrap around until the entire bracelet is covered.  Secure the end with a knot and snip on the inside of the cuff. Lastly, add a bit of bling and wrap rhinestone chain on top for a sassy touch.

Baby, it may not be cold outside- so be sure to look cool!

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