Color Block Clutch

March 22, 2012


Without “ART” the EARTH would just be “EH”.  Artists who inspire create so much desire, and that’s just what Piet Mondrian’s contemporary color block creations have done.  His renowned primary colored pieces have served as inspiration for YSL’s iconic Day Dress to this current season’s Céline clutches.  This DIY is in the bag when you combine classic colors on a cute clutch!

To create:  Trace the outline of your bag onto a sheet of plain paper or parchment paper using a ruler.  Cut out and place on the backside of the vinyl material and trace.  Use a marker to trace the outline of each of your color block patterns on the reverse side of each piece of vinyl.  Adhere sections to the back using fabric glue.  P.S.- Make sure you place the top piece of vinyl on last to give it a real overlapping effect.  Use a glue gun to secure a hardware accent and voila!

P.S.- CLICK HERE to watch the DIY how-to video

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