Convertible Zipper Top

January 15, 2015


Jaws will drop and peeps will flip over this Christopher Kane-inspired convertible zip. This classic silhouette rocks multiple personalities with the added bite of a contrasting accent. Wear it as a dress one day, and a crop top the next…what’s better than double-duty fashion?

To create: Slip on the sweatshirt and mark approximately where your belly button is with a piece of chalk. Lay the top flat and use a measuring tape to measure the mark, draw two additional points on either side of it. Connect the points. Use scissors to cut the marked line. Carefully glue the top edge of the zipper along the bottom of the sweatshirt. We used hot glue for it’s quick dry time but to make your creation last longer use fabric glue.  If the zipper is longer than the top, cut and squeeze a tiny dollop of glue to the end to stop the zipper from running. Glue the other side to the bottom half of the top. To reinforce the zipper, add in a few stitches. Then zip it up for a dress or unzip for a fun convertible cropped top.

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