Embellished Glovette

December 27, 2011


All hail McQueen! Keep your manicure out and about, while your palm stays calm and carries on. Alexander McQueen’s fingerless gloves inspired these delicious DIY glovettes, created with our friends at Who What Wear. To create your own pair, cut the feet off of a pair of socks, which leaves you with a “tube”.  Cut all of the fingers off minus the thumb then snip off approximately 1/2” of thumb’s fingertip. Make a 1”-vertical slit on the outside of the tube to create the thumb hole.  Slide gloves inside the tube, pulling the thumb through the hole.  Find two sparkly brooches or buttons and glue thin tube shaped beads with a hot glue gun or super glue.  Once dry, pin or sew to the top of the glove.

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