Floral Sweatshirt

March 27, 2014


It’s officially Spring, and that means everything’s coming up roses…and daisies and daffodils and tulips…so we’re wearing them loud and proud with this Floral Sweatshirt inspired by MSGM. Floral beads make a simple piece in your warm weather wardrobe bloom with bold color and texture, so get on board and create a unique style that’s sure to get a green thumbs up!

To create: Convert the sweatshirt into a t-shirt by cutting off the sleeves at a 45 degree angle with scissors. Use needle and thread to stitch each flower bead around the edge of the collar. Triple stitch each bead to ensure it’s secure. Continue to stitch and layer the flower beads until you’ve worked your way around the entire collar. We layered 2 rows of beads. For a more dramatic neckline, aim for 4 to 5 rows of beads.

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