Fringe Dress

December 4, 2014


Take an LBD from frump to fancy with a little help from fringe. It’s the timeless trim that inspires looks from fierce flapper to disco diva to cowgirl chic; and it’s just the right ingredient to get you to shake things up and move your feet. We brought sexy back to our little black with a single strip from sleeve to sleeve…what will you do with yours!?

To create: Grab a piece of fringe trim the length of your arm span, approximately 2 yards. Starting from the end of one of your dress sleeves, pin the trim every few inches along the arm seams. Continue pinning along the back of the dress, following the curve of the neckline moving across until you reach the tip of the opposite sleeve. Remove the pins, then glue the top of the fringe along the seams. Cut off any excess trim with scissors. Let dry completely, then slip on your new ensemble and shake it up!

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