Glitter Box Clutch

October 16, 2014


When it comes to making the most of a night out, there are two types of people…those that go to the party, and those that BRING the party. If you fall into the latter camp, pause for a quick high five and move right on to this dazzling DIY. What you wear has a huge influence on the fun factor, and this Edie Parker inspired clutch instantly adds an extra dose of dazzle to any look. Chic, polished, glittery and gold…it’s your new going-out staple that’ll never get old!

To create: Measure out the interior of the acrylic box with either a ruler or measuring tape. With a marker, draw the measurement onto the backside of the holographic adhesive paper. P.S.- be sure to round the edges where needed to match the box. Cut the panels out with scissors. Match up the panels of the box and carefully adhere each panel to the interior. To prevent the paper from bubbling, peel little by little and press down firmly with your palm. For a striped design, use an xacto knife to slice 1/4″ strips of gold foil adhesive paper and adhere to the surface of the box.


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