Gold Ball Bracelet

April 21, 2014


If you’re on the hunt for some epic yet oh-so-simple wrist candy to rock this spring, behold this bold stack of gold. Inspired by the sculptural elegance of Paula Mendoza’s Nereus Bracelet, these gold ball bracelets are strung out on ascending size beads that work well alone, or stacked up to create some Cleopatra meets Wonder Woman wrist cuff love.

To create: Use wire cutters to cut a piece of wire long enough to wrap around your wrists (leaving an extra inch on either side for the clasp). Wrap one end of the wire around a jump ring three times with pliers. String gold beads onto the wire in ascending order (we used 6mm7mm, 8mm9mm and 10mm). Connect a lobster clasp to a jump rings with pliers then wrap the wire around the jump ring to finish off. Create several bracelets, layering on top of one another for a dramatic look. P.S. – the beads can get heavy, so we opted to create three separate bracelets. To achieve a wrapped bracelet to snake around, aim for hollow light-weight beads and/or heavier wire.

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