Gold Shell Necklace

May 26, 2011


She sells sea shells, by the sea shore! Keep your eyes peeled for prime summer styles influenced by the oceans. Marc Jacobs Starfish necklace and Ranjana Kahn’s spectacular statement shell necklace was a major inspiration for a sea-tastic DIY.  Wherever you’re off to this season, be sure to bring a bag to tote back any beach finds.  Shells, driftwood, sea glass… the world is your oyster!

To create a version of your own, use KRYLON Gold spray paint and give your shells a hefty coat or two of paint.  P.S.- Always spray outside!  After shells are dry, use a glue gun to adhere onto a foam, felt, or heavy fabric backing.  Create a pattern to your liking that suits your style.  Embellish with pearls and/or beads for extra details -attaching with glue.  Use sharp scissors to cut around the outline of the necklace, leaving room on the ends to fold under, creating a loop.  Glue the ends of material down (to create the loop)and thread the ribbon or tulle through.  Knot it off, trim it, and you are ready to glide along in a gilded statement necklace- it’s a shore thing!

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