Handbag Charm

September 2, 2010


Lucky Charms are magically delicious and so is JEWELRY!  One of my favorite jewelry designers, Dana Lorenz of Fenton/Fallon continues to wow us season after season with her over-the-top statement pieces, terrific textures, and sparkling situations. Dana recently invited me and a few other fab friends over and let us loose in her shop. She graciously gifted charms and broken pieces of past collections for a special P.S. project!  I loved the idea of blinging out my fall bag with a bag charm using her fun elements.

To create a chic bag charm, re-purpose broken or old jewlez, charms, pendants, pieces, basically anything fun you can get your hands on.  Tie your bits and bobs onto string or cording and secure to a binder ring. Make sure you hang at different lengths to create a staggered effect. Clip onto your bag with a carabiner clip and you are one leading lucky charm lady!

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