Pom Pom Charm

June 4, 2015


You know we love to get our pom pom on…these colorful puffs of joy provide endless possibilities; and this time we got creative by applying them to a beaded button base to create charms that give off some serious flower power. Used as a keychain or to add a punch of personality to a neutral accessory, this creation will leave you chic & cheerful!

To create: Attach a jump ring to the back of a beaded button. Loop a piece of paracord (approx. 24″ long) with a keychain through the jump ring; knot ends of paracord. Cut the end off the paracord with scissors and use a lighter to seal in the edges. Glue pom poms around the beaded button with a glue gun. Attach your creation to your favorite bag, ours is the Cynnie Belt Bag by Elizabeth and James. Get creative and DIY a few to layer together.

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