Printed Jeans

March 8, 2012

03.08.12_printed jean

P is for Personality, which is precisely what printed jeans ooze of.  Glide your way into this mainstream must-have with this denim DO!  Get inspired by Balmain’s coveted graphic jean with a snakeskin twist.  Bulgari’s Serpenti Collection of chic bracelets, bags, wallets and watches has slithered into our hearts, helping our style shine bright.  Infuse a luxe snakeskin-esque pattern with a pop of print… it’s  just what the DIY doctor ordered.

To create: use a solid colored pair of jeans for the base.  Use scissors to cut zig zag shapes out of kitchen sponges and textured sponge cloths into 2” inch strips.  Apply an even coat of fabric paint onto the sponge surface and press directly onto the denim starting from the outside edge.  Hold sponge for a few seconds allowing paint to absorb into the material.  Continue to create vertical patterns down the legs.  For a more textured effect, overlap sponges as you go. Let one side dry completely before turning over to repeat the process on the back.

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