Sequin Skirt

June 26, 2012


We’re swooning over all things sun and sea. Some of fashion’s most beautiful patterns and palettes often take inspiration from Mother Nature, and while the slinky silk Prada halter Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the Met Ball left most murmuring about how revealing it was, its shimmering macro-paillette pockets left us swimming in aquatic visions of mermaids & buried treasures.  Our friends over at Who What Wear agreed so we then created this unsinkable DIY.

To create, start with larger paillettes and use a stapler to secure to skirt pocket by stapling at the top of the circle.  Mix colors and overlap as you go.  Once entire pocket is covered with the larger piallettes, cluster the smaller sequins together and add glue to cover any showing staples.  P.S- Feel free to use a needle and thread to add some stitches for extra reinforcement, after glue is dry.

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