Shark Tooth Earring

April 10, 2014


Fun Fact: Shark teeth worn as jewelry dates back to pre-Renaissance times, when a well known philosopher claimed these shiny triangular objects simply fell from the sky during lunar eclipses. Many believed they offered a remedy for poisons and toxins, so noblemen and royalty wore them as pendants or kept them in their pockets as good luck charms. Fast Forward: Of course we’ve got a more realistic understanding of their origins today, but as designers from Deszo to Givenchy have proven, there’s still something a bit magical about wearing them! This week, we sank our teeth into the trend (and added a sparkly touch…natch) with these gilded, glittering studs.

To create: Use a paintbrush to coat the bottom half of the shark tooth with a thin layer of modge podge. Sprinkle black glitter to the applied area on the shark tooth and let dry completely. Coat the top half of the tooth with mod podge and apply gold leaf foil accordingly to cover your surface, pressing around the edges. Seal the entire tooth with a layer of mod podge. Once dry, adhere an earring post with a dab of glue.
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