Spike Necklace

February 22, 2010


We’re all Material Girls, living in Material worlds, thanks to Madonna and Maripol!  Although Madonna knew how to “Express Herself”, it was her friend and mother of all stylists, Maripol who created and crafted iconic looks into Fashion’s hall of fame!  A recent comeback and kick a** capsule collaboration with Marc Jacobs, has old fans freaking and newbies in the know.  The entire collection pays homage to her rubber stretchy bracelets, bobby pin necklaces, & neon flairs, all donning her signature tri-bolbus DNA structure-like tag.  Get ‘em while you can… P.S. the packaging is also DOPE (wouldn’t expect anything less).

To make your own stunning chic collar statement necklace hit up your local coffee shop.  The lovely people at Dunkin’ Donuts had these cranberry colored coffee stirrers for my Designer DIY.  Get creative with colors and collar shape by shaping with a few snips after you sew the straw on.  Make sure you double up your thread for extra support.

P.S.- Check out Maripol’s site to get inspired, and see more of her outrageous Polarama world! http://www.maripolitan.com Thank you Marc and Maripol for teaming up-truly J’amazing!

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