Tassel Necklace

March 12, 2013


Did you know that Pantone chips evolved from a solution to help shoppers choose precise shades of pantyhose*? Fifty years later, Pantone’s universe of hues is the standard relied upon by every industry that deals with color; so, it was only a matter of time that they’d start defining trends as well. Pantone declared Emerald as 2013’s Color of the Year…and since we’re also celebrating the Year of The Snake, this week’s DIY links both milestones together and keeps you up-to-date with a tassel necklace that would leave even Queen Medusa herself green with envy.

To create: Add a wood bead to the top of each tassel. Separate links on the acrylic chain and link tassels on, placing longest tassel in the center of the chain. Knot each end of the chain with metallic rope (or opt for ribbon), and tie to finish off.

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