Two-Tone Sunglasses

June 4, 2013


The two tone trend is everywhere; from fingers, to frocks to locks…but why stop there? When it comes to fun in the sun, two is always better than one…so grab a friend and that bin of bright nail polishes (we know you have one) to add some shade to your shades! Watch this DIY go down on our new series on, “Pretty Savvy” presented by Jeep! Get inspired all Summer long as Erica presents a collection of j’amazing new projects; from fresh fashions to artsy accessories and more.

To create: Use paper tape to separate the top half from the bottom of the sunglasses. Using your first nail polish color, paint on an even layer onto the top half of the sunglasses. If the lacquer appears opaque, paint an additional layer. Remove the tape and paint the bottom half with an alternate nail polish color. For a glossy finish, apply a top coat.

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