Edible Dessert Bowl

April 3, 2014


How-to photos by: Nancy Borowick 
Calling all sweet teeth…this delicious DIY is sure to blow your mind. In our first collab with the pretzel dippin’ divas from Fatty Sundays, we’ve crafted the ultimate vessel to showcase the debut of their new Easter treats; a delicate dessert bowl shaped with the help of the ultimate who would’ve thunk it ingredient: a balloon! Join in as we dip, sprinkle and pop our way to an unforgettable guilty pleasure.

To create: Line a cookie sheet with waxed paper. Blow up each balloon to the desired size (smaller works better, under 6″). Follow the directions on the package to melt white chocolate into a bowl. Spray each balloon with an even coat of cooking spray, then use a spoon to form a small disk of melted chocolate on the waxed paper. Holding the balloon by its stem, dip half the balloon into the bowl of chocolate. Pull  it out with a slight twist and dip again. While holding the balloon upside down, cover the melted chocolate in nonpareil sprinkles, then quickly press the bottom of the balloon onto the chocolate disk. Repeat with the remaining balloons. Place the filled cookie sheet in the fridge for a thirty minutes to let the chocolate harden. Remove the bowls from the fridge and pop each balloon with a sharp needle, then remove the deflated balloon. Fill each bowl with a scoop of ice cream, sprinkle on crushed up bits of Fatty Sundays’ pretzels, and serve!
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