Tropical Cocktail Cake

June 25, 2015


Anyone fancy a cake-tail? Turn dessert hour into happy hour with this clever piña colada inspired cake by contributor Alana Jones-Mann. Layers of scrumptious cake and frosting inside a tall cocktail glass provide a creative take on a traditional trifle; and topping them off with some whipped cream, a cherry and a colorful umbrella delivers a deliciously tropical vibe.

To create: Bake cake mix cupcakes and set aside to cool. Slice cupcakes in half (horizontally) with a knife. Place half the cupcake at the bottom of the cocktail glass. Use a spatula to add a layer of vanilla frosting on top of the cupcake. Continue to layer with cake and frosting until the entire glass is filled. Top everything off with whipped cream then add a cherry, slice of pineapple, straw and umbrella.


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