Watermelon Cake

July 1, 2013


Make the dessert table at your Fourth of July fete just as eye-popping and jaw-dropping as the fireworks show. We created this refreshing summertime treat with Flour Shop to prove that you don’t need sugar and frosting to present your partiers with a slice of lip-smacking delight…talk about independence!

To create: Slice a watermelon into three even pieces with a kitchen knife. Cut off the rinds and trim the slices into three different sizes. Stack the three pieces in size ascending order. Using the leftover watermelon, cut out star shapes with a cookie cutter, then place them on wooden sticks and insert into the top of the cake. Sprinkle coconut flakes onto each layer and top off by placing blueberries around the edges. Light up some festive candles and you got yourself another 4th of July firework!

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