Animal Planter

June 14, 2013


This little piggy went to the (flower) market! Bringing the outdoors in is a surefire way to brighten your day when skies are grey. Adding a simple houseplant to your space provides an instant boost of happiness and color, and giving it a unique vessel ups the ante even more. We were inspired by the jaw-dropping beautiful botany creations by Plant The Future and decided to make our own. We teamed up with Domaine to create this unique planter that makes for the perfect, playful centerpiece that’s sure to get a green thumbs up!

To create: Draw a dotted oval shape onto the top of the watering can using a dry erase marker. If you make a mistake use a rubber eraser. Starting at the water hole opening, cut out your oval shape with sharp scissors. Puncture a hole at the bottom of the planter using a nail and hammer. A small hole will be sufficient enough to let plants breathe. Then apply an even, thin coat of white matte spray paint to the watering can. You might need to add a second coat depending on your vessel and spray. Let the spray paint dry completely before inserting a plant of your choice. P.S.- don’t forget to shower your new vase with love, water and sunlight!

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