Floral Perfume Bottle

April 30, 2015


A collection of chic perfume bottles is the centerpiece of many a gal’s vanity. We asked our friend, fashion journalist Jenny Brownlees, to share with us her genius idea for preserving them with an added artistic touch. By adding faux flowers and gold flakes after the last bit of scent has been sprayed, the spirit of your favorite fragrance transforms into a delight for the sense of sight. Brighten your Mom’s, your BFF’s or your very own day by creating an everlasting bouquet!

To create: Snip the buds off of the silk flowers with scissors, then mix them together with petals and gold flakes. Remove the cap from the perfume bottle, then use a hacksaw to remove the spray nozzle. Insert the mix of flowers and gold flakes into the bottle. P.S.- for larger buds, use tweezers to help squeeze them in.

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