Geometric Lacquered Tray

September 9, 2013


P.S.- we are teamed up with WEST ELM on an all-city DIY Workshop Event Series in celebration of Erica’s new book, P.S.-You’re Invited… Inspired by geometric magic, attendees of the exclusive workshop put their own personal spin on West Elm’s signature square lacquer tray.

To Create:  Squeeze chalkboard paint into a cup and dip foam brush to begin painting. Create several geometric shapes with straight angles and let dry. P.S.- don’t worry if the shapes aren’t perfect, the tape will cover any messy edges. Cut metallic tape to desired length with the Swiss Army DIY Tool. Place tape directly onto the tray, outlining the edge of each shape. Press with fingers to smooth out any crinkles. Overlap the tape to create new geometric shapes. Snip off any excess tape. Layer tape to completely fill in other shapes to create a bold contrast. Touch up any areas with paint if needed. Click here to get more inspiration from a behind-the-scenes look from our West Elm tour.

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