Gilded Dart

October 9, 2014


It’s a known fact that we are passionate, bonafide gold diggers. No not that kind…I mean when it comes to DIY we really dig gold. Applying a gilded touch to any object brings on a rush of visual satisfaction like no other, not to mention it injects a whole new, glittery life into otherwise plain jane objects. We teamed up with like-minded golding girl, Megan Pflug, the mastermind behind One King’s Lane‘s “Weekend Decorator” column. Learn how to glam up a pin board with these gold-leaf darts, and hit your own bullseye with the help of this how-to!

To create: Prepare each dart by painting the feathered ends with a thin, even coat of clear nail polish. Once dry, apply a coat of gilding size with a paintbrush. Then carefully apply the gold leaf to the coated area until the entire surface is covered. Seal the dart with a coat of clear nail polish.

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