Hanging Macrame Planter

August 20, 2015


Wanna hang? Then read on to discover how fun and easy it is to add a little pop to your pots with this DIY courtesy of our buds at Wool and the Gang. Their Top of the Pots kit comes with dope t-shirt yarn roll-off from fashion factories in Turkey, making repurposing your plants with a funky 70s macrame vibe all that much cooler and conscious!

To create: Begin with four 60″ strands of jersey. Loop through the trigger ring and tie a large knot at the top. Group your strands into 4 sets of 2 and tie a knot in each set approximately 4″ away from the top knot. Separate these sets into new sets of 2 and tie them together approximately 3″ away. Repeat for a third time and tie each new set of strands together 3″ away from the previous. Tie a large knot at the bottom. Insert a potted plant around the bottom of the macrame. Hang your trigger ring to a secure hook.

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