Lavender Candle

April 27, 2016


Lavender is known for its many health benefits so we’ve decided to inject a little oh-la-la-lavender into our home. With a few simple ingredients you can create this handmade candle that will warm up any room and leave it smelling amazing.

To create: Melt the candle wax on a stovetop at low heat and stir occasionally. When the wax is completely melted, add a few drops of your favorite scent in oil form, we used lavender oil. If you’re using a wood container like we did you might want to sand it first so it’s as smooth as possible and coat with two layers of spray paintGlue the wick down to the bottom of the container directly in the center. Pour the wax filling the container to the top, leave approximately half an inch. To ensure the wick is centered and standing straight, secure the top of the wick with tape to a paint stick or ruler. Find two objects of the appropriate height to lay the paint stick across and let the candle set. Let dry until the wax is completely hardened and snip the wick approximately 1/4″-1/2″.

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