Ombré Wall Art

August 28, 2014


Sometimes the most gradual change to a room can make the grandest difference. When stuck without the time for a total repaint or rearrange, inspiration can be as close as a peek up to the glorious summer sky. Artists and designers have brought nature’s gradient hues indoors in many forms; one of our favs being New York artist Eric Cahan’s breathtaking Sky Series. We decided to recreate the vibe of those magic hour moments using the new ombré fabric from Springs Creative, proving you don’t have to be a master painter or photographer to create your very own masterpiece!

To create: Use a ruler to measure and mark a 3″ border around the canvas on the backside of the ombré fabric. P.S. – it comes in burgundy, green, purple, black, aqua and blue. Cut the marked lines with a pair of fabric scissors. Place the canvas at the center of the cut fabric and fold the 3″ edge over. Staple along one side and work your way around the canvas, pulling the fabric tightly as you go. Create a series or one large scale piece, and hang your new work of art up for all to see.

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