Pineapple Bookends

December 17, 2015


The best home decor DIYs are those which only take a handful of bucks to create something that looks seriously luxe…that’s why we wanted to share these gilded pineapple bookends made by Pretty Life Girls. Honestly if we could keep a can of gold spray paint in our purse and go mentally metallic on random stuff all day, we totally would…but in the meantime, join us in creating this little golden moment.

P.S. – pineapples are symbolic for hospitality and all of the things we appreciate about a home: warmth, welcome and friendship!

To create: Squeeze a dollop of hot glue onto the center of the woodblock surface. Quickly place your faux-pineapple onto the hot glue. Hold for a few seconds and let dry. In a well ventilated space (preferably outdoors), spray the entire pineapple block with an even coat of gold metallic spray paint. Repeat steps to create a set of bookends.


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