Pineapple Napkin

August 25, 2016


Pineapples are both delicious and symbolic.  Sweetness aside, they are a constant reminder representing hospitality.  We decided to jazz up some plain cloth napkins and give it a little sparkle and shine.  After all, there’s no better timeless motif than this fruit that evokes a tropical moment, and makes guests feel welcome to any dinner party.

To create: Brush a thin layer of the transfer adhesive onto a corner of the napkin in an oval shape. This will be the base of the pineapple. Let glue dry for 30 seconds. Cover the adhered area with the gold transfer foil, silver side down. Gently smooth down the foil with your fingers. Place a piece of parchment paper on top of the foil transfer and iron on medium heat for 20 seconds. Let cool completely then peel away the gold foil. Using a needle and thread, stitch around the top of the metallic oval to create the crown of leaves on the pineapple. Repeat process to create a set and serve up at your next meal for all your guests to be in awe.

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