Spooky Strawberries

October 18, 2013


Dip into a deliciously decadent disguise this Halloween…just the right mix of spooky & kooky. We created these devilishly divine treats with Flour Shop that make for a fun and clever way to add edible artistry to a holiday get together. Gather some girls n’ ghouls and whip up your own batch!

To create: Melt chocolate in bowls separated by color. Dip each strawberry in chocolate, then leave to dry. Create texture and whiskers by drizzling lines of chocolate onto the dipped strawberries; adhere candy eyeballs with a touch of melted chocolate. Use a brush to gently dust on edible glitter. For the CAT: melt on two chocolate chips for ears and use an orange pearl for the nose. For the MUMMY: go overboard with drizzle. For the PUMPKIN: paint on a zigzag smile. Get creative with your characters, the possibilities are endless!
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