Tassel Towel

December 1, 2015


This post was written in partnership with Dove.

Are you taking enough time to truly appreciate your showers as a relaxing, cleansing escape? There are only two things you need to know to craft a more luxurious shower experience:  1. Accept nothing less than the softer, smoother skin that comes from using a gentle cleanser like Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash (our friends at Allure didn’t give it the 2015 Best of Beauty Award for “Best Moisturizing Body Wash” for nothin’) and 2. Finish it off with your very own DIY towel!  Colorfully tasseled Turkish towels add a stylish accent to any powder room, with the added pride of drying off with something made by you. Make some for your own home, or create a lovely little body wash and towel set gift basket for your friends! We recommend Dove as it’s the #1 Dermatologist recommended brand and also the #1 brand used personally by Dermatologists at home.

To create: Use a ruler and tailor’s chalk to evenly mark along the bottom of the towel. The spacing is dependent on the amount of tassels you use, just be sure to divide the amount of tassels to the width of the towel equally. Stitch on each tassel with needle and thread. Continue to stitch until the entire bottom is filled with tassels.

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