Textured Bottle

May 28, 2015


The spirit of DIY is all about breathing new life into objects that would otherwise get discarded, that’s why we’re huge fans of “The Art of Patrón” Bottle Art contest, which over the years has inspired people to repurpose Patrón Tequila bottles into beautiful and unique works of art. If the $10,000 grand prize and having your work showcased online isn’t enough of a nudge to submit your individual work, we thought we’d get your creative juices flowing by crafting our own #ArtofPatron inspiration piece. With some flat back studs and pastel spray paint, we transformed Patrón’s iconic bottle into a top-shelf statement object that will add edgy style to any surface in your home.

To create: Peel and remove any labels off of the empty Patrón Tequila bottle. Adhere each flat back stud onto the surface of the bottle with a dab of glue. Repeat and layer the studs until you’ve completed your design. For smaller studs you may use tweezers for precision. Let dry for a few minutes. Coat an even, thin layer of spray paint over the entire exterior. Apply a second layer for an opaque look. Let dry completely.

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