Travel Wrap

November 6, 2014


Keep calm and carry on with this super chic carry all! Don’t spend the first hour of your next trip trying to untangle your cords from your jewels and tools…make this handy, compact accessory your new, uber-organized BFF. Personalized with an embroidered detail, it looks as cool on the outside as your stuff does inside!

To create: Print the template out and trace onto the backside of the leather with a fabric marker. Use an xacto knife to slice the dotted lines then cut out the template shape with scissors. Glue embroidered trim with fabric glue onto the center of the leather. Adhere a piece of velcro to the top of the leather with fabric glue. Roll the fabric and adhere the opposing piece of velcro onto the trim; be sure to leave extra room to accommodate the items it will hold. Fill the wrap with your travel necessities, from jewelry to watches to cords; the possibilities are endless!

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