Wall Hanging

October 1, 2015


We love discovering the amazing work of all the creative makers & shakers out there, and this week we’re especially psyched to ‘hang’ with Dani Dias, whose site Gold Tyger is roaring with inspiration and originality. 70s inspired woven wall hangings like her gorg creation add a cozy, stylish texture to any room and work great in both monochromatic or mixed bright colors. Kick back and get down with some bobbing & weaving!

To create: Begin by adding the warp to the loom (a wooden frame). The warp is a set of lengthwise yarn strings held in tension on a frame. This will be the base for the weaving. Start with a tight double knot on the bottom left corner of the frame then loop the string over and around until you reach the end of the loom, then stop, and tie off. Leave approximately 1/4″ between the strings. Insert the shed stick though the alternating warp strings, and push to the top of your loom; this will serve as your shed. Starting at the bottom row, working from right to left tie off three pieces of yarn around each warp string to create a fringed look. Now you can begin weaving through the warp. With a tapestry needle, thread yarn over and under each string. Use a beater to push the weaving down. Swap in alternate colors at different rows. Repeat this process until the entire warp is woven. Once finished, remove the weaving off the loom by carefully snipping the warps around the top of the loom, leaving enough room to tie your weaving to your bar. Tie each set of warp into a square knot. Repeat the process at the bottom of the loom. Finish off your wall hanging by sliding an acrylic bar through the top of the knotted warps.

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