A Holiday Tip: DIY a Snappy Sip!

November 18, 2015


It’s no secret that the holiday season is our favorite time of the year. Let’s just say the Christmas tunes may or may not have already started in our household. I can’t help it, this time of year injects a warm and fuzzy feeling that makes us want to get creative with just about everything we touch.

Gearing up for the joyous season has our fingertips in high gear as the entertaining bug is in full effect. We recently teamed up with SodaStream on a #holiDIY event fit for any DIY Queen in Toronto, Ontario.

I had the pleasure to meet with some of Canada’s most creative minds and share some colorful holiday plans and show them a thing or two about how to be crafty while throwing a festive holiday bash!



First things first- if you’re gonna throw a holiday party, chances are your guests are going to want to Instagram the heck out of it- so be prepared! Having your own creative colorful station is a fun activity that everyone can take part it. Simply fill a table with colorful random objects from ornaments to candy and ribbons and let them go crazy.

Next up… the drinks! We love to encourage a personalized beverage moment, after all – isn’t that what making your own bubbles is all about – ahem SodaStream 😉

An easy party DIY and a fun take home gift are stenciled tumblers that add an interactive element to any fete!




Using decorative stencils, some paper tape and paint pens will change your glass game in seconds. P.S.- Word to the wise, popping the glasses in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes will allow the paint to set and can go in the dishwasher.


Getting creative with your beverage is just as important as getting creative as the glass you enjoy it in!

We opted for a muddled raspberry and lemon tangy twist with just the perfect amount of carbonation using SodaStream that keeps us hydrated and feeling good (and yes- a shot of vodka helps too!) Crafting alcoholic and non-alcoholic bubbly beverages takes no time at all, and allows your guests to feel like they can create their ultimate drink when you set up a colorful DIY garnish bar with all the fresh fixings to enjoy.


More is more (when it comes to garnishes)!


Color me impressed!


Now you tell me this doesn’t make you want to throw a holiday party, like now!


Drink up! Oh, and don’t forget to take pics along the way.


P.S.- Thanks SodaStream for helping us kick-off our #holiDIY season with an amazing event!


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