Pretty Lazy: The Art of Being Lazy, While Looking Pretty!

June 7, 2016


P.S.- for amazing coffee table styling tips you need to watch this episode of Erica in the House now!

Perception is a funny thing. For years, people have insinuated I have this “girl about town” persona and think I am always on-the-move. Parts of that may be true, but in actuality, I am a homebody through and through. My best friend Jon and I like to live by the manta “home is where the pants aren’t”. Meaning, there’s nothing more I love than being comfy and cozy at home.


When I moved into my new home in Los Angeles, I wanted to create a space that felt like a permanent coastal vacation and always made me want to: smile, relax, and cozy up with a book (yes, my friend The Fat Jew wrote a book and you should read it).

The living room’s vibe has been slowly evolving. Read: I am still in need of a new sofa (this old slip covered situation is borrowed from a friend). However, finding the dream coffee table where you can do anything from throw your feet up, eat dinner while watching a movie, or serve as a background while you Instagram your tchotchkes, can be a challenge. Clearly ours, checks all of those boxes. Raj, the cat approves as well!


I guess the reason why they call it a living room is because you spend most of the time living’ it up in that room- right?

3_Raj-2Since I’m a visual person, I had to mock up different versions of what the living room could possibly look like. I know this is not normal to do in every single room, however I’m not normal. Sparing you the 5 other versions, these were the two that I was torn between. So happy I went with the Cranson coffee table (on right not the Bimini) with the light grey finish. If you only knew how many hours I logged on Lulu and Georgia 😉


The second place where I get all pretty lazy is the dining area. Meals aside, I If I had a nickel for every person who complemented me on our chairs, I could buy another house or two. If I launched a PSA for comfy tushies, the Ida chair would be our front-runner. True story. And lets be honest, fashion is just as important as function, so having a jaw-dropping set of dining chairs that are equally as comfortable is dreamy.

PS- Speaking of dreamy, my friend Gray Malin’s new book “Beaches” will inspire you to get your pretty lazy on and get lost in that book for a while… his images may cause you to book a Caribbean vacation- just saying!


Photo Credit by Amy Bartlam
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